Letters to the Editor

Frederick Camplin: Don’t bash creation story from Bible

Regarding the Jan. 14 column “ The Orwellian leftist foes of fracking”: I agree with J. Peder Zane that fracking has few risks and massive benefits. However, I am disturbed at his approach of bashing those who, in his mind, have leftist views and use “anti-science” arguments against fracking.

I especially take issue with his declaration that the Bible’s story of creation is factually incorrect. So, what scientific laws support the beginning of life? Zane, in writing a book on evolution, must have a good understanding of the scientific and physical laws that govern our universe. He should be able to explain how building blocks of life are able to survive extreme heat and toxic by-products of an inferno that scientists’ claim to be the beginning of earth. He should be able to explain how necessary building blocks of life came to earth from asteroid bombardment, as many scientists’ postulate, surviving the extreme cold and lack of oxygen in space.

Once we understand how the building blocks of life were sustained in such hostile environments, we would still need to understand how these life forms originated. Don’t be too quick in dismissing the biblical account of creation.

Frederick Camplin