Letters to the Editor

Connie Domino: Rhetorical reasoning

Regarding the Jan. 14 column “ The Orwellian leftist foes of fracking”: I am writing to apply for a contributing columnist position like the one J. Peder Zane occupies. It’s got to be the best job in the world.

I have all the right or left qualifications. I have participated in The People’s Forum for years, and I have an opinion about almost everything. Best of all, I won’t need to research anything in any depth. If the facts don’t align with my opinion, I will resort to name-calling.

Here is a sample of my work: People who believe in fracking are Orwellian rightest foes. The people who support fracking use Orwellian doublespeak like, “Fracking has few risks, and it’s against North Carolina law to expose the ingredients.” Fracking catches people’s water on fire. I saw that on the Internet and TV. Also, Oklahoma or was it Oregon (one of those states beginning with an “O”) said that it had 100 earthquakes in a very short period of time from fracking. I think it was 100 small earthquakes in just 24 hours. The earth is warming with more storms than ever and, dare I say, earthquakes. Why, not long ago, Oklahoma had 100 earthquakes in just 24 hours ...

Connie Domino