Letters to the Editor

John Davis: Duke loses respect

Some Jan. 18 letter-writers expressing their thoughts about the Duke Chapel tower controversy began “Duke’s decision to ... was wrong’” and then picked one side or the other of the issue to criticize.The correct opening should be “Duke’s decisions to ... were both wrong.”

Both the timing and substance of the initial decision to allow the use of the tower for this purpose when the victims of the “Allahu Akbar” shooting terrorists in Paris were barely in their graves were atrocious.

Subjecting all students to listen to the adhan prayer, whether they wanted to or not, was a grossly inappropriate imposition.

But having made this ill-advised decision, Duke then lost the courage of its convictions and backed down. What kind of message does this send to students, alumni and the world – “act/react before you think”? What a sad day for this once-proud institution.

John Davis, Durham