Letters to the Editor

Robert Kennel: Town-gown goodness at Dix park

Regarding the Jan. 13 news article “ State, city ready new Dix deal”: Congratulations to the city of Raleigh and the state for the Dix property sale agreement.

A destination park will be great for the city, state and nation and will also allow a unique opportunity between Raleigh and N.C. State University for a long-awaited “town-gown handshake.”

The Dix Park would roll down into N.C. State’s Centennial Campus, which will have significant amenities such as the recently announced N.C. State hotel/conference center, Poole Golf Course, Park Alumni Center, Hunt Library, Friday Learning Center, etc.

Almost 10 years ago, I discussed this possibility jointly with then-Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker and N.C. State chancellor James Oblinger with their mutual agreement of the concept although the timing was not right. (In the meantime, N.C. State has been a very good steward of the previous Dix land that forms the Centennial Campus.)

The time is now. Such an indelible “town-gown handshake” would also allow the whole western boundary of Raleigh and the eastern boundary of N.C. State to include amenities such as the Memorial Bell Tower and Gregg Museum and go well beyond the more publicized roundabouts on Hillsborough Street.

Robert Kennel, Holly Springs