Letters to the Editor

Amy Womble: Public charters

To set the record straight, two Jan. 11 letters “ Fighting for control” and “ Power play” contained misstatements about charter schools. Charter schools are publicly funded with taxpayer dollars, not privately funded. In fact, the main flaw in the nation’s and state’s charter school “movements” is that these schools are not held accountable to taxpayers.

Nationally and statewide, many publicly funded charter schools are taking tax dollars while having little or no accountability to the taxpayer. Scandals abound nationwide, even here in North Carolina, yet, so-called fiscal conservatives turn a blind eye because of their ideological disdain for traditional public schools.

The Wake County Board of Education should have authority over charter schools for precisely the reasons revealed in those letters – taxpayers deserve transparency and open government concerning their tax dollars; only democratically-elected school boards are providing such oversight.

Traditional public schools are not perfect, but they are the only proven vehicle for allowing true opportunity for all. Many are not performing in poor neighborhoods because we are not providing adequate support.

We will all be better off if we work to support and strengthen our public systems, instead of tearing them down, as your letter-writers did.

Amy Womble, Raleigh