Letters to the Editor

Knowles Parker: Help for homeless

I appreciate the faces the Jan. 20 news article “ When a hotel becomes home” put on homeless families. However, the only indication of what is being done to resolve the problem is the GoFundMe website.

Praise to Polly Haze for her compassion, but by citing only one way readers can donate, you leave blank the story of the work being done by long-serving housing agencies in Wake County.

One of these agencies, PLM Families Together, has offices and apartments only a short distance from the Raleigh Inn. Over a recent year we assisted over 80 families in finding affordable and acceptable housing. Even more important, three out of four of these families were able to sustain their leases after one year. This is possible because our mentor advocates work with parents in developing skills such as budgeting and landlord relations. With assurances given by our mentor advocates, landlords will offer leases to families who have experienced eviction.

PLM Families Together is supported by Wake County and Raleigh, but an even greater share of our funding comes from companies and individuals. Pledges and ongoing donations help to shorten the list of families waiting to be brought into our program.

Knowles Parker, Raleigh