Letters to the Editor

Linda Naylor: Christians known for violenc,e too

It is interesting that Franklin Graham ignores the hypocrisy of painting all Muslims with the broad brush of “terrorists” while ignoring the terrorist activities of Christians born and raised in the United States.

American history is replete with such examples, as in KKK lynchings, beatings and murders, not only in the South, but throughout the country. Others include churches fire bombed because Christians did not like the idea of others having the right to vote, toddlers dying in a day care center in Oklahoma City because a Christian had a grudge with the United States government, health clinics burned, medical personal permanently disabled and a doctor murdered while collecting the Sunday offering in his church.

Why? Because a Christian decided he had the right to do so because of his religious beliefs. And if Duke backed down on the decision to let Muslim students use the Duke Chapel bell tower for the call to prayer because of serious threats of harm, then there are many Franklin Grahams in this country. How sad.

Linda Naylor