Letters to the Editor

Bill Jensen: From gas to green

Charles Krauthammer’s Jan. 9 column “The gas tax we need” proposed a good first step to reducing our dependency on oil. The revenue from a tax on gasoline could be used to fund grants to federal, state and local governments for investments in energy-conservation and renewable-energy projects.

If a town installs a renewable-energy system, the town must bear all of the costs, even though the system’s attributes indirectly benefit everyone. Federal grant opportunities for local energy projects are about as rare as panda bears in Alaska. A new revenue source could change this situation.

Imagine the results of this approach. Almost every public building could have energy-generating photovoltaic systems installed. Every school building could become an energy producer. These installations would make our government buildings revenue-generating entities while also reducing our dependence on coal.

Additional benefits will be saving tax dollars, reducing health costs and protecting the environment.

Bill Jensen