Letters to the Editor

Thomas F. Crudele: No charity case

Josh Shaffer’s Jan. 19 column “ Ex-Goodwill worker tells a for-profit tale” on the leaving of James Cook, a Goodwill employee, struck a nerve not only regarding Cook’s unjustified firing but also the “not for profit” tax exemption status Goodwill is able to claim. The chief executive officers take home an impressive pay package of $776,000, according to the latest IRS disclosure.

What is wrong with our tax system? I pay my fair share of taxes as well as many other middle class Americans and to then read that Dennis and Linda McLain can hide behind their “not for profit” status makes me sick and angry!

On the flip side, I give them total credit for using the IRS tax system as it is currently defined, but it is time that all tax-paying Americans wake up and have businesses such as Goodwill pay their fair share of taxes!

Thomas F. Crudele