Letters to the Editor

Emily Goldstein: No Goodwill transparency

I read with interest the Jan. 16 column “ Ex-Goodwill worker tells a for-profit tale,” on the policies and practices of the Goodwill Industries of Eastern North Carolina. It follows a Feb. 10, 2013 column “ Goodwill pays exec couple $795K.” These articles support suspicions I have had about Goodwill Industries.

I have been a bit curious to know how a nonprofit could raise the funding to build so many large, well-appointed brick and mortar stores. There is also a relatively new store in Hillsborough and 20 others in Durham and Raleigh areas.

At the same time, I am unaware of their charitable works, seeing no real evidence of them in our community. I am also very concerned that these stores will divert valuable donations from the PTA thrift stores, which have provided significant support to the Chapel Hill-Carrboro public school system for many years.

My advice: Consumer beware. Let’s support local organizations that provide benefits directly to our community in a transparent manner.

Emily Goldstein

Chapel Hill