Letters to the Editor

Kim Wilson: Hijacking religion

Regarding the Jan. 16 news article “ Duke reverses on Muslim prayer”: Glad to see Duke caving to that paragon of open-mindedness and inclusiveness Franklin Graham, who is quoted numerous times blaming Muslims for the atrocities of terrorists. Graham said Muslims “rape, butcher and behead Christians and Jews.”

Of course, today and throughout history, terrorists hiding behind Jesus have also raped, butchered and beheaded Christians and Jews – oh, and also gassed them, put them in ovens, lynched them, tied them to fences on winter nights in Wyoming and left them to die, bombed their public places and health clinics, picketed their funerals and shot their unarmed teenage sons when they were begging for mercy.

Just because a power-hungry group of maniacs chooses to hijack and then hide behind religion in order to persecute others does not absolve Christians of their obligation to pull that old, dusty and exceedingly inconvenient WWJD bracelet out of the drawer and stop insulting peaceful Muslims.

If anyone is unable to distinguish between Muslims and terrorists or between Christians and the promoters of racist, homophobic, misogynistic or white supremacist ideologies, they are part of the problem.

Kim Wilson