Letters to the Editor

Jill and Richard Edens: God-pleasing partnership

In light of the controversy raised by Franklin Graham concerning the Muslim call to prayer at Duke Chapel, we want to witness to the relationship between United Church of Chapel Hill and two Islamic communities that meet weekly for prayer in our building. We have lived and prayed through 9/11 together and have with Judea Reform congregation together built a habitat home, the Children of Abraham house. This has been a wonderful partnership that does not, as Graham asserts, marginalize us as Christians. Instead, it strengthens and enriches our witness. And we are not alone!

Christian congregations across the United States share space with Islamic communities who, together, call upon the same God in prayer. Surely this is pleasing to our God!

Jill and Richard Edens

Senior pastors, United Church of Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill

This letter was also signed by 115 additional members of the United Church of Chapel Hill.