Letters to the Editor

William Traywick Jr.: Islamic violence

I served a 27-month tour of duty with the Air Force in Adana, Turkey, studied Islamic law and saw the lifestyle of a society whose faith is 98 percent Sunni Muslim.

A chief tenet of Islam is that the laws that rule one’s conscience also govern the community, thus making for political overtures. Hence, yes, it is a political entity as well.

Muhammad was no peaceful individual. He employed military force to accomplish his goals in Mecca and Medina. In the 7th century, he launched a major military expedition against Constantinople that at that juncture was the economic, educational and political capital of the world. He was soundly defeated by a superior Greek navy and army.

In Islam, there exists no freedom of speech, press, peaceful assembly, religion and separation of religion and faith. In Sharia law, a family member is authorized to kill another who converts to another faith. These acts of violence are translucently the work of a majority. Do not let Islamic media apologists mislead us.

William Traywick Jr.