Letters to the Editor

Sally Buckner: Local news staple

Eric Johnson’s Jan. 16 Point of View “ Giving meaning to our communities” about the importance of newspapers could hardly be more accurate. I can’t imagine what the Triangle would be without The News & Observer; I don’t even want to try.

Reading Johnson’s list of tough topics The N&O has taken on during just the past year reminds me of how many issues have threatened what we rightly consider one of the best communities in the United States.

I’m also reminded of how during the 1930s and 1940s my mother (whom I’ve accused of squeezing every penny until Lincoln recited the Gettysburg Address) somehow found the money to subscribe to both our local paper, the Stanly News and Press, and the Charlotte Observer, which brought us national and international news.

So I deeply appreciate Johnson’s metaphor in his closing sentence: “I’m going to keep offering my monthly tithe to The N&O.” “Tithe” usually refers to a donation made for a religious purpose. I, too, religiously continue my subscription to The N&O. It’s the least I can do for my neighborhood.

Sally Buckner