Letters to the Editor

Al Guckes: Local news value

Eric Johnson’s Jan. 16 Point of View “ Giving meaning to our communities” was a nice summary of contemporary journalism. I agree totally with his statement “Commentary and click-bait (nice term I have not read before) are cheap; investigation and fact-checking are not.”

As one attempts to seek an informed perspective regarding all the “free information” mixed with advertising links available online, I value the information provided by organizations such as The N&O, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and The New York Times. Even the Chapel Hill News provides some interesting perspectives concerning local issues.

I am concerned how the news and information business will shake out in the future, but I hope the historically mostly trustworthy sources will survive with their trained news gathering and reporting staffs intact.

I hope print editions will continue (easier to scan for items one wants to read) but recognize this may be akin to wanting a dial telephone.

Al Guckes

Chapel Hill