Letters to the Editor

Irving Koppel: Charters not fulfilling original intention

Regarding the Jan. 21 letter “ Public charters”: Hats off to the letter writer and WCPSS. They both recognize what the real purpose of the charter school was meant to be.

Al Shanker, president of the American Federation of Teachers in the 1980s, proposed that public schools be allowed to experiment with various methods of teaching unencumbered by district and state regulations. This was to be done within the public school system. Never was it meant to be what it has become: a means for entrepreneurs to feed at the public trough.

Schools and teachers are having enough economic, political and social problems without being hamstrung by the unregulated, unsupervised, charter schools. If truly public experimental schools are created, that would be to the good, but allowing unscrupulous profiteers to take public monies is outrageous.

The public schools were created to help all of society achieve the “American dream,” not to line someone’s pockets with the public’s money.

Irving Koppel