Letters to the Editor

Autumn Racine: Tax residents fairly

In regards to the January 19 news article “ Raleigh discusses new tax districts”: An important point was left out. State statute requires that a municipal service district has a greater need than the rest of the city to justify the increased tax rate.

I own a home in the proposed expansion area of the Hillsborough Street business improvement district. I am opposed to having my home included in a bid and have been an active participant at city council meetings concerning this issue. It has yet to be shown why my mostly residential block of homes built in the early 1900s has a greater need for services than the rest of the city.

I certainly don’t see a need for the services that the BID will supposedly provide. I already pay for trash collection, street cleaning, police, etc. As a resident, I shouldn’t have to pay for marketing for businesses in the district nor festivals that everyone in the city is invited to attend.

I will continue my involvement with this issue with hopes that all Raleigh residents will be taxed fairly.

Autumn Racine