Letters to the Editor

Howard Maniloff: A GOP ploy at UNC

Regarding the Jan. 24 news article “ UNC-Chapel Hill faculty angry over Ross ouster”: The UNC-CH faculty who protested the as yet unexplained firing of the UNC system president deserve praise for their courage and obvious commitment to what the late Charles Kuralt once called “the university of the people.”

Tom Ross’ firing is inexplicable, because his able stewardship of our great state university had seemed to elicit no sustained opposition – at least not in public, though in reporting the story, The N&O did disclose that some top-tier Republican politicians had been miffed when Ross publicly opposed deep cuts in UNC’s budget imposed by legislators.

One cannot help wondering whether the Board of Governors’ action simply means that GOP leaders want a UNC president who can be relied on not to raise concern among the public about the defunding of our beloved university.

Howard Maniloff

Chapel Hill