Letters to the Editor

Scott Mitchell: Climate elephants

J. Peder Zane makes a good point in his Jan. 14 column “ The Orwellian leftist foes of fracking” for fracking and against the knee-jerk resistance to it that has followed in the wake of dramatic documentaries like “Gasland.”

Instead of sliding into an “us against them” mentality, which the left and right are prone to do, we should consider fracking state by state on its merits. Unfortunately, Zane is not willing to do that. He brushes aside the criticisms of opponents as “anti-scientific” explaining that the contamination of groundwater is “probably due to poor well design” as if groundwater contaminated as a result of faulty well design is somehow more acceptable.

His tirade is particularly hypocritical given the way he writes off climate change, “Something may be happening, but we don’t know what it is.” Oh, yes, we do.

The scientific community he claims to put such store by has reached an overwhelming consensus. But that is the elephant in the room that even enlightened right-wing ideologues like Zane refuse to recognize.

Scott Mitchell, Durham