Letters to the Editor

Jarvis John Edgerton: Mandate hypocrites

Regarding the Jan. 30 news article “ GOP expected to seek abortion limits”:

Not so long ago, there was an effort to persuade the General Assembly to legislate equal coverage for autism. At the time, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina and members of the General Assembly stated they opposed the autism provision because they opposed medical mandates. BCBSNC, with its lobbyists and political contributions, won that fight against the many families coping with autism in North Carolina.

Now that the topic is abortion, however, it seems those same mandate-haters in the General Assembly are falling all over themselves to propose medical mandates. I understand people may have differing views, but what I don’t understand is why our politicians feel the need to lie about them. Whether it is autism coverage, abortion mandates or voter ID, an honest statement of motives is nowhere to be found on Jones Street.

I am so tired of the General Assembly playing wink and nod with people’s lives. Families coping with autism deserve the truth – BCBSNC political contributions are worth more than we are on Jones Street. Glad to see BCBSNC is getting value with our insurance premiums.

Jarvis John Edgerton, Durham