Letters to the Editor

Cristina Cantwell-Holub: Good news wins out

Some Jan. 26 letter-writers believed too much coverage was given to Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski and his 1,000 basketball victories. I’m surprised and disheartened by their response.

Who feels dispassionate when seeing pictures of N.C. State’s late coach Jimmy Valvano crawling across the court floor during a Wolfpack game? Jimmy V was a great coach and an inspiration to many people during his career and his battle with cancer.

How about UNC’s Dean Smith, whose commitment to Tar Heel basketball gave the NBA Michael Jordan, James Worthy and Sam Perkins?

North Carolina universities are steeped in college basketball history. Its heroes, the players and coaches have been given many column inches in print and lots of television time, too. They deserve it.

I am a Duke fan, but I will never be offended to see any coach featured on the full front page and on as many pages needed to tell the whole story of an amazing career. Thanks to The News & Observer for giving Coach K his due.

It was good news, and I’ll take good news on any day I can get it.

Cristina Cantwell-Holub, Raleigh