Letters to the Editor

Leigh Sanders: Baffling Ellmers

Regarding the Jan. 22 news article “ Ellmers wavers on abortion bill”: U.S. Rep. Renee Ellmers once suggested men should learn to talk down to women’s reasoning level so that we can understand them.

She is a self-declared, “pro-life, anti-feminist, super-proud American” with an unhealthy relationship with other religions. Yet when the men in her party wrote another bill to criminalize abortion that included a requirement that rape victims report to the police before receiving medical care to obtain an abortion, Ellmers voted against it.

Whether Ellmers understood this was morally incomprehensible is debatable because she claims to have done it for strategic purposes. But for once Ellmers got to experience what it’s like to be the smartest person in a room, and I hope for the sake of girls and women everywhere she liked it.

Leigh Sanders, Raleigh