Letters to the Editor

Lynne and Phil Seymour: No roadblocks to voting

The Jan. 26 letter “ Voter ID fair” suggested that “(t)here is absolutely no good reason why every qualified person should not have to have identification in order to vote. Consider all the scenarios where IDs are required ...” The writer considers this “fair.”

We would ask whether the U.S. Constitution might not be a “good reason”? Voting, unlike all those other “scenarios” where IDs are required, is a constitutionally protected right. The deprivation of any qualified citizen’s right to vote because he or she lacks an “approved” ID is, or should be, of concern to us all. Why? Because similar methods have been used in the past – the poll tax and literacy tests to name but two – which deprived otherwise qualified citizens of their right to vote. Advocates of those voter “roadblocks” also argued that their methods were “necessary” and “fair.”

When dealing with constitutional rights, we must ensure that we are not doing more harm than good before instituting new “qualifications” for citizen voters! That’s not only “fair” but also “necessary”!

Lynne and Phil Seymour, River Bend