Letters to the Editor

Frances T. Armstrong: Keep red wolf program

Regarding the Feb. 1 news article “ State asks federal officials to end red wolf program”: I live in the red wolf recovery area, and I strongly support the critically endangered red wolf and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service red wolf recovery program.

Over the years (since 1987), I have been extremely upset with the lack of support given to the red wolf recovery program by the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission.

I have great respect for the hard-working, dedicated red wolf recovery staff. It is conducting a program that had not been done before, introducing a canid species that had been declared extinct in the wild back into the wild. Because the program was new, it has been a learning experience, and the staff has had to make adjustments and come up with new ideas and techniques. Also because the program has been disrupted by the NCWRC, it has not been able to go forward like it should.

I would like to see full support from the NCWRC given to the red wolf recovery program. A disservice is being done to an endangered species, the Endangered Species Act and to the nation.

Frances T. Armstrong, Bath