Letters to the Editor

Skip Crayton: Carolina captured

For more than a year, I have wanted to write a letter expressing my thoughts regarding the fiasco that has taken place at my university. Finally, someone has spoken and plainly stated how thousands of us, Carolina alumni, really feel. Many of us actually believed in the now mythical “Carolina Way.”

The Jan. 30 Point of View “ Take back Carolina” written by Wallace McLendon said it all. Recently, when Penn State University was faced with a very embarrassing situation that could have undermined the integrity of that great university, rather than circling the wagons, it admitted the truth, fired those involved (including a hugely popular coach) and moved on, leaving its integrity intact.

To answer McLendon’s question, “Is anyone in charge?” – right now, it appears that there is no one in charge. However, I would be more than glad to take the challenge, and I’d do it free. Many heads would roll if that happened, but I can assure anyone that when the smoke finally cleared, the myth called the “Carolina Way” would become a reality again.

Skip Crayton, New Bern