Letters to the Editor

H.D. Maynard: RIP Don Shea

Regarding the Feb. 4 sports article “ Shea leaves unmistakable mark”: In the summer of 1968, while a student at Carolina, I had the good fortune to work at WTVD running studio and production audio. It was an amazing summer to work in television with “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In,” the assassination of Robert Kennedy and the 1968 Democratic Convention all occurring.

In those days, WTVD (or “TVD” as we called it) had dual network affiliation, airing NBC and CBS programming. It was the best of the best: Walter Cronkite and Johnny Carson. And we also had Don Shea.

What an irrepressible character Don was. Before our 11 p.m. “news, weather and sports,” we’d all crowd into our tiny control room and laugh ourselves silly with Don and weatherman Skip Carpenter.

Don never had a bad show and was a real pro but an absolute riot as well. Great fun with a great guy. They really don’t make ’em like Don anymore. Rest in peace, Don.

H.D. Maynard

Southern Pines