Letters to the Editor

Jim Nolan: Thyphoid Thom?

Regarding the Feb. 4 Under the Dome article “ After talk, Tillis’ hands get second look”: Thom Tillis’ latest rant against liberal big government should and will certainly backfire, but in the interim I have once again thrown my hands up in disgust.

We elected a man who worked as a short-order cook and resented, apparently, the act of washing his hands after using the facilities. I am so glad he did not cook my eggs.

If left to their own devices, would some right-wing, anti-government mavericks not require their employees to wash after using the bathroom? Is this requirement a government intrusion on the rights of the right-wing unclean? Probably so, and I am glad for it.

This tired and old argument by the right wing has just played itself out before our eyes.

Government plays an important role in our lives and it must be remembered the free market brought us monopolies, runaway corporations, income inequities, the Gilded Age and Typhoid Mary.

Who would have thought to ask Tillis if he resented washing his hands in his days as a cook? No one, but they should have. Maybe he would not be an embarrassment now.

Jim Nolan

Morehead City