Letters to the Editor

Jim Davidson: ‘Think’ about Smith statue

Regarding the Feb. 9 news article “ A coach for the ages”: I was an undergraduate at UNC 1969-73. Basketball was a constant passion among the student body. Coach Dean Smith was more than “coach” to the teams only: He was an inspiration to all of us.

He was revered because he strove for excellence in all aspects and encouraged us to do our best. He is gone. May he rest in peace.

It was reported that he did not want a statue to commemorate him ... at least while he was alive. It is time to move forward with building a statue to commemorate this Carolina icon.

There was at least one game in the 1970s or ’80s when Smith stared across the floor at a player with a fixed gaze and pointed his forefinger to his head as if to say, “Think!” That is the statue I have always envisioned to remember Smith. I see it looking out across campus so that in rain, snow or sun, Smith is always there looking someone in the eye and reminding you to “think!”

Jim Davidson