Letters to the Editor

Partha B. Howell: The worker bees

Regarding the Feb. 8 news article “ SEANC spending draws fire”: As a 30-year career state employee, I just about lost it when I read the article regarding SEANC and its executive director, Dana Cope.

I’m not a current member of SEANC. I do believe in innocence until proven guilty, but Cope is not doing a good job proving his innocence. In fact, I don’t believe he gets state employees at all!

Oh, how nice it is that he makes $97,300 a year while there are state employees who work one or two part-time jobs to make ends meet. For many years, state employees have been asked to do more with less and have done so willingly.

What a shameful disregard when an organization that touts it is working hard for state employees is buying Broadway tickets and spending $1,700 at a Las Vegas nightclub, while its members are worried about how they’re going to pay their bills this month. With this kind of help, we all better jump under our desks and cover our heads!

Partha B. Howell