Letters to the Editor

Adam Wilson: Use wind, don’t drill off coast

Regarding the Feb. 2 editorial, “ Risky drilling”: President Obama’s proposal pushes a trade of Alaskan and Arctic environmental protection for dangerous energy development off our coast. I’d like to see a push for clean, renewable wind power off our coast instead.

Offshore drilling moves North Carolina in the wrong direction. It threatens tourism, the Outer Banks and the rest of our beautiful coast with the risk of a devastating spill like the one that wreaked havoc on the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. It increases global warming pollution, which is already harming the coast through increased storm severity and rising sea levels.

Offshore wind energy, on the other hand, produces renewable clean energy. It will cut our production of greenhouses gases, reduce energy imports and slow global climate change. What’s more, North Carolina has more potential for offshore wind than any other Atlantic state. Why not play to our strengths?

I wish Obama would replace his proposal for offshore drilling with one for clean energy. Renewing the production tax credit for wind energy would be a good place to start.

Adam Wilson