Letters to the Editor

Gary S. Davis: Rails unclog roads

I must disagree with Rob Christensen’s Feb. 1 column “ Raleigh needs buses, not light rail.” The Triangle does not need more vehicles on its roads.

I have lived in the Raleigh-Morrisville area since 1977. Two years ago, my wife, who is a native Raleigh-ite, and I moved out of Raleigh. Traffic was the No. 1 reason we moved. Traffic on I-40 and other roads is horrible during rush hours and storms, especially ice and snow storms when accidents are plenty. Why put more vehicles on the roads?

Triangle residents need to look into the future. Traffic is so very bad now – imagine what it is going to be like 10 and 20 years from now. Our area is going to grow whether we like it or not.

The area needs a rail system. Potential hubs may include downtown Raleigh, the N.C. State Fairground area, RDU airport, a couple places in the RTP, downtown Durham and Duke and UNC hospitals. Buses will be needed to transport folks from the hubs to their homes and workplaces.

Please look at other metropolitan area examples other than Charlotte.

Gary S. Davis