Letters to the Editor

William E. McFarling: RIP ‘Carolina Way’

In his Feb. 7 column “ Scandal can’t disrupt ‘Carolina Way’,” Dennis Rogers attempted to downplay “the scandal” by sharing heartwarming stories that are common to every college campus across this great land.

I moved to the great state of North Carolina in 1986, a football transplant from SEC country. Each time I heard about the “Carolina Way,” the espousing voice was one of a proud UNC alumni or fan lauding the success of their basketball program. Rogers’ column is the only time I have heard about the “Carolina Way” outside of the realm of basketball.

The “Carolina Way” is often associated with Dean Smith, a legendary coach who displayed honesty, integrity and humility. Smith taught basketball and, more important, instilled the “Carolina Way” values in the overwhelming majority of his players.

Smith passed away Feb. 7, but the “Carolina Way” passed away in 1997 when Smith vacated the bench! Following the retirement of Smith, the “Carolina Way” values of honesty, integrity and humility were tossed out the window in an attempt to win at all costs. The fraudulent activities were carried out for nearly 20 years, and “the scandal” has tarnished both the athletic and academic standing of a great university.

Please come up with a new slogan and let the “Carolina Way” RIP!

William E. McFarling