Letters to the Editor

Michael Stevenson: Plan transit for future

Regarding Rob Christensen’s Feb. 1 column “ Raleigh needs buses, not light rail”: Christensen’s conclusion that light rail is not right for Raleigh seemed to overlook a critical point: We should be planning for what we want Raleigh to be, not for what Raleigh is now.

The way we plan for transportation also fundamentally determines how we develop our city for the future. As he noted, Raleigh is presently overwhelmingly suburban in its character and density. While true, we have to recognize that this is largely the result of decades of massive and consistent government spending on road and highway construction and the lack of investment in alternative modes of personal transportation.

We should frame the current transit debate as one about how we want to shape our city for future generations, not only about how we can move our present population from point A to B.

Michael Stevenson