Letters to the Editor

Geoff Williams: No logic to leaders

Regarding the Feb. 6 news article “ School grades reflect wealth”: When was it that Republican leaders across the country lost their regard for science, logic and data?

The latest bizarre example comes from state Senate leader Phil Berger, who upon reviewing the data from the school grade system he helped create, declared “it should help dispel the notion that just because a school is high poverty, kids in those schools are relegated to situations where the kids are not going to do well.” Did he review the data?

The data said only eight schools out of 130 in the Triangle with more than 40 percent free and reduced lunch managed to score an A or B with a very generous scaling (A = 85-100. B = 70-84). This means a whopping 6 percent of the poor kids are likely to do well based on these results.

How can the American public and North Carolina residents trust leadership that seems entirely incapable of understanding or uninterested in basic scientific or logical information? I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided hand-washing or vaccinations are bad ideas.

Geoff Williams