Letters to the Editor

Jarvis John Edgerton IV: Gas tax increase

Regarding the Feb. 11 news article “ Gas tax plan raises pump price over time”: There they go again. The GOP-led General Assembly has once more taken up a proposal that is being advertised as something very different from what it is. Last time it was voter ID and medical mandates for abortion providers. This time, it is an “immediate” and “very noteworthy” gas tax cut.

Why describe the 2.5-cent cut as “immediate”? Well, because in July it turns into an immediate and very noteworthy gas tax increase of about 6 to 8 cents per gallon.

Taking a page from the cable company, the General Assembly is peddling a teaser tax cut that later becomes a permanent tax increase. Also like the cable company, the General Assembly is advertising the teaser rate and burying the higher subsequent rate in the fine print.

Don’t get me wrong, I support the gas tax increase. We don’t have enough revenue to pay for critical infrastructure needs, and this bill is a much needed fix. What I don’t support is the false advertising. If the proposal passes, it will be a tax increase. Everyone who votes for it will have supported a tax increase. Be honest. Tell the base some tax increases are worth supporting.

Jarvis John Edgerton IV