Letters to the Editor

Eric Thomas: Gun bill a horrible idea

I read in the Feb. 13 Under the Dome article “Bill would allow concealed carry without permit” about a new proposal for eliminating the permit requirement for possession of a concealed weapon.

I used to have a concealed-carry permit. I got one when they were first made available, not because I thought I needed one or even wanted to walk around with a concealed pistol, but as a political statement. I thought such a right ought to be available to people who have a need to carry a weapon.

I took the required classes on the legal aspects of armed self-defense and on basic handgun safety. I found them useful but minimally rigorous. Overall, I felt the requirements to get the permit were very lax.

Eliminating even those minimal requirements is a horrible idea. We require a license to drive a car, to dispense pharmaceuticals and to operate any number of businesses. We require permits to build simple additions on to our houses. How is it wise to allow anybody, without having to demonstrate any knowledge of how to handle a gun or of when it’s permissible to use deadly force, and without any vetting whatsoever, to be able to carry around a concealed, deadly weapon? The answer? Not very!

Eric Thomas