Letters to the Editor

Larry Wolf: Allow guns in Capitol, courts, NCGA

With the start of the regular session of the NCGA comes the opportunity for our legislators to consider or reconsider positions on policies that affect all North Carolinians. One very important topic is gun control.

In keeping with the general policy direction of the NCGA, and current suggestions for possible legislation regarding gun control (House Bill 69, the “Constitution Carry Act”), I want the legislators also to introduce and publicly debate a measure that would allow properly licensed residents of North Carolina to carry weapons, either open carry or concealed, into the State Capitol Building and buildings associated with the General Court of Justice. This would be repeal current regulations in G.S. 14-269.4.

Denying gun possession in these particular buildings seems to be a violation of our sacred Second Amendment rights. If possession rights apply in grocery stores, retail stores and other pubic places, one has to wonder what the legislators fear? Is it possible that they are concerned about their own safety more than they care about the safety of residents of the state?

Why do we need two sets of rules, one for legislators and judges and another for “ordinary” residents? Are we not equal under the law?

Larry Wolf