Letters to the Editor

Frederick Camplin: HB2 protects innocents

I just can’t let your Feb. 15 editorial “HB2 plan is worthy” against House Bill 2 pass without challenge. Your veiled attempt to push a liberal agenda does not pass the test of reason.

You state “HB2 was the GOP’s response to a Charlotte ordinance protecting transgender people from discrimination, allowing them to use the bathrooms of the sex with which they identify. Transgender people have been doing so for decades.” That is a watered-down interpretation of what the intent of HB2 actually is.

What goes on behind closed doors is one thing, but everyone would likely be shocked if a person of the opposite sex stepped into an open shower room of people of their sex. And isn’t that what may happen if a brazen transgender would claim it as their right, based on law? HB2 stands to protect all of us from such crass exhibitionism.

There is a tremendous difference between identity and birth characteristics. To give license to the identity option is to open the door to outrageous behavior. Let the transgender people shower as they have been doing for decades. HB2 takes away the license to do otherwise.

Frederick Camplin