Letters to the Editor

Andrew Slaughter: Marchers also involved in service

Michael Doran’s Feb. 16 Point of View “Put protest energy into service for others” made a number of blanket assumptions about thousands of people marching in recent protests whom he clearly does not even know.

Myself and many of the other marchers in the HKonJ March are already deeply committed to many local organizations including churches, nonprofits, neighborhoods, clubs and the like.

Marching and protesting do not preclude but, in fact, compliment the local, down-to-earth service that a person does to help those in immediate need around them. The needs of those around us do not exist in a vacuum absent of context in public policy.

While volunteer work is commendable, it should not excuse ignoring systemic injustice and inequality throughout our state and nation.

This piece continued a recent theme of “Sit Down, Shut Up, and Get in Line” directed at marchers. Whether it’s our own elected officials calling us names, or saying that we didn’t vote (we did), or concern-trolling that if marchers would just act locally and pretend everything else is fine, then the problems would be solved, it’s all the same message of dismissal without examining the merits of what people are protesting about in the first place.

Andrew Slaughter