Letters to the Editor

Mark G. Rodin: Don’t turn UNC into vocational school

Regarding the Feb. 21 Point of View “Shrinking UNC’s board will tighten partisanship”: Bravo to Hannah Gage who expressed my thoughts about the Board of Governors so eloquently.

The UNC Board of Governors does need, as Gage wrote, “to be sensitive to inclusive of the full spectrum of our state ...” All residents and communities must have a seat and voice in deliberations about our state-supported higher education system. But don’t tell that to state Senate leader Phil Berger, House Speaker Tim Moore or the rest of the 1950s men’s club making laws on Jones Street. They apparently are enjoying their power trip and do not care at all for groups who oppose them.

What the General Assembly super majority and UNC board member Marty Kotis apparently forget is universities are places of research and discovery. The best faculty go where they have freedom of inquiry and research as well as attractive salaries.

I do not wish for my alma mater – UNC – or any other university in the state system to be turned into vocational training schools. Yet that is what those in control of the General Assembly and board members such as Kotis apparently want.

Perhaps the best antidote to this control is serious and well-financed candidates to oppose Berger, Moore and some of the other powerful General Assembly members in the 2018 elections. It is up to those who wish for progress to find and finance these candidates.

Mark G. Rodin