Letters to the Editor

Laura Crumpler: Strength in numbers

I appreciated Michael Doran’s Feb. 16 Point of View “Put protest energy into service for others” advocating for less marching and more service. However, as he himself pointed out, “The size of our group forces us to limit the size and scope of our efforts. With more people we could accomplish more.”

What if the “more people” mentioned were all of us? What if all of us came together and formed a huge co-op that combined our efforts and resources and some portion of our income to help our neighbors in need, to help the poor, to help the unemployed, to help the sick and injured?

Even more, what if this co-op pooled its resources to provide police departments, schools, roads and other services to be shared by all? Could this be what the marching is about? About promoting the common good? About marching for more effective government, government of the people, by the people and for the people? And in the end accomplishing more than we can do as single individuals?

Individual service is important, but sometimes a march is called for.

Laura Crumpler