Letters to the Editor

Now it’s up to Senate to protect health care coverage

Regarding the May 7 news article “For the very ill, anxiety over GOP plan grows”: I expect better from our elected officials than what we saw May 4.

It’s unthinkable that the House of Representatives voted to end Medicaid as we know it by replacing the Affordable Care Act with the American Health Care Act. I’m counting on senators to reject this bill that is a betrayal of the people Congress was elected to represent.

The AHCA would force millions to lose insurance, many of them low-income Americans. And capping Medicaid would force states to ration care, shoulder more costs and deny health insurance coverage to many who need it most.

This rushed piece of legislation is a danger to many, especially low-income Americans. These are real people’s lives on the line. The Senate needs to say “no” to any proposal that guts Medicaid and threatens the health care of millions of Americans. Will North Carolina senators Richard Burr and Thom Tillis listen to their constituents’ pleas to protect their health care coverage?

Lindsay K. Saunders


‘Huge’ irony in passage of bill

Regarding the May 7 news article “For the very ill, anxiety over GOP plan grows”: During the campaign, President Donald Trump frequently used the word “huge,” and it’s especially appropriate now.

The huge health care bill that he claims credit for would end Obamacare, removing many of its best features. And it would almost certainly cause a huge number of people to lose coverage under both Medicaid and private insurance.

For huge irony, consider this: So many middle- and lower-income people still believe Trump and congressional Republicans are looking out for them.

David J. Roberts

Associate Professor of Accountancy, DePaul University


Patients may lose coverage

Regarding the May 6 notable numbers article “Notable numbers: GOP health care bill”: As a practicing child psychiatrist in Raleigh for over two decades, I have been around long enough to witness the enormous changes in health care coverage brought about by Obamacare.

I remember when families would come to me with a child in severe emotional distress. They had depression, or crippling anxiety, or autism, or substance abuse. They could not get insurance to cover care of mental and emotional issues because of insurance carve-outs, which meant that people with a previous episode of emotional difficulties were excluded from receiving insurance to cover mental illness or substance abuse.

Sometimes, this meant they paid thousands of dollars out of pocket to receive the care they needed. And, sometimes they went without desperately needed care because of the cost.

Obamacare changed that. Insurance companies were no longer allowed to deny coverage to people due to a pre-existing condition.

Now, under the plan approved by the House, insurance companies once again could be allowed to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions in North Carolina.

The North Carolina General Assembly has callously disregarded residents’ health care needs by its refusal to accept Medicaid expansion. Because of this, thousands already cannot pay for health care.

Given this example, I am not confident that protection for pre-existing conditions will continue in North Carolina. It is appalling to think that once again, patients most in need of care could go without.

Dr. Susan L. Eder

Adolescent and adult psychiatrist


AHCA bill questioned

Regarding the May 7 news article “For the very ill, anxiety over GOP plan grows”: The American Health Care Act passed May 4 by the U.S. House would allow states to waive requirements that insurance plans cover maternity care benefits.

The Republican Party is so concerned about the welfare of the fetus that is wants to ban abortions, but evidently it doesn’t care if a fetus is lost for lack of maternity care. Hypocrites.

MaryJane Selgrade


Cartoon sums up issue

When is a picture worth more than a thousand words? When it is like the May 10 political cartoon “Paul Ryan, faith healer.”

Believe in tax cuts and you shall be healed. The Republican health care bill is nothing but a tax cut for the wealthy 1 percent, leaving the nation’s sick and impoverished at the mercy of the insurance companies and the ideologically bankrupt Republican Party. Why the electorate, to its own economic disadvantage, continues to vote Republicans into office remains a puzzling and frustrating phenomenon.

Maybe 2018 will see the beginning of a reversal of the phenomenon. Let’s not lose hope.

John Divers


GOP voted for party over people

Regarding the May 7 news article “For the very ill, anxiety over GOP plan grows”: Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives voted for party over people. Shame.

My kids called asking if they still have health care coverage. My disabled, adult daughter on Medicaid is worried. Shame.

I hope your daughters don’t need family planning in their lifetimes nor suffer from medical conditions deemed pre-existing nor need to be on your policy at 21 years old. Passage of the House health care plan made being a woman a pre-existing condition and a member of a high-risk health care pool. Shame.

2018: Resist.

Kevin Marr

Wake Forest

Shame on House

Regarding the May 7 news article “For the very ill, anxiety over GOP plan grows”: Once again Republicans have shown their true colors.

Trumpcare would ensure that women, the poor, the elderly and anyone with a pre-existing condition pay more for health care insurance coverage or go without insurance altogether because insurers won’t cover them or the cost is prohibitive.

It was no surprise that health care groups , consumer groups and patient advocacy organizations across the country opposed this legislation.

Shame on House members who voted for this monstrosity and shame on any senator who supports it in that chamber.

Ann McNeish


House passes ‘killer’ bill

Regarding the May 7 news article “For the very ill, anxiety over GOP plan grows”: Congratulations to the U.S. House of Representatives for passing a “killer” health care bill. Really: a killer.

Bill Spencer