Letters to the Editor

7/5 Letters: Elaine Marshall impeachment smells like ‘partisan politics’

Regarding “GOP legislators want to look at impeaching Marshall” (June 29): I have known Secretary of State Elaine Marshall for over 17 years, and she has been always accessible and works hard at her position. She even “swore me in” as mayor of Holly Springs in 2001.

I question the merits of the case brought forward with reference to noncitizens as notaries public. I question why this even merits impeachment. I truly believe that most voters will react to this as “partisan politics” only, and that could backfire for Republicans during the next election.

Dick Sears

Mayor, Town of Holly Springs

Publish torture report

I am grateful to “America ill-served by torture cover-up efforts” (June 24) for bringing to light Sen. Richard Burr’s burial of the full Senate Intelligence Committee’s CIA torture report. The brief summary made public in 2014 confirmed what many already knew: Torture is illegal, by international and national law and by the military code of justice; is immoral, destroying mind, body, and spirit; and is counterproductive, providing no credible intelligence, nullifying America’s claim to higher moral ground and jeopardizing troops.

With Sen. Burr’s refusal to hold hearings and reinforce accountability, the practice of torture too easily can return. As a candidate, Trump advocated for torture. Once elected, he appointed two key people previously involved in torture. The people must demand that Sen. Burr release the report to avoid an ugly repeat of history.

Curt Tortell


Health care bill ‘shameful’

As a nurse practitioner who worked for many years at the VA in Durham, I learned to have great respect for veterans. Our president and senators talk a lot about their support for veterans, but the Senate “health care” bill would be devastating for veterans. Many people do not know that of America’s 21 million veterans, only about 8 million get their medical care at the VA. There are 1.75 million veterans in the United States currently on Medicaid, and many veterans ages 45 to 64 have subsidies under the Affordable Care Act. It is estimated that of the veterans in North Carolina, 27,000 would lose their health care coverage.

And why would America treat its veterans so shamefully? So that people who already have millions of dollars a year in income can get tax cuts? Senator Tillis and Senator Burr are selling out their constituents in general, and veterans and their families in particular, if they do not speak out forcefully against this shameful bill.

Karen Ziegler, RN, FNP