Letters to the Editor

Paul T. Caldwell: Limiting vaccines promotes suffering

Regarding Melissa Christensen’s March 27 Point of View “Doing what’s best for our children” about religious exemption from vaccinations: I’m sorry that her children have suffered colitis episodes. If a connection between colitis and vaccination were established, a medical exemption from vaccination would apply. That Christensen is “convinced that the blood (in her daughter’s stool) was a reaction her body was having to the shots” is not proof of a connection.

Many people are convinced of a connection between vaccines and autism. However, repeated evaluations of the data have not supported a link.

Tying religion to this issue is a theoretical argument and irrelevant. Public health is the issue; the greatest good is the goal.

Vaccination exemptions must be strongly regulated to prevent returning to an age of greater, unnecessary suffering.

Paul T. Caldwell