Letters to the Editor

Joe Burton: Burr violated laws

According to the April 28 news story “N.C.’s Burr chided after terror report,” in 2013 Sen. Richard Burr wanted the CIA to find and kill a U.S. citizen, Muhanad Al Farekh.

One would think that a U.S. senator would believe in the rule of law and recognize that extrajudicial killing is illegal. He must know it is unlawful to target for killing persons who have not been accused and convicted of a crime. It violates International Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law. For a U.S. citizen, it also violates the U.S. Constitution, Amendment V.

The CIA conducts an assassination program using weaponized drones that targets people believed to be terrorists or potential terrorists. As often reported, many innocent people are also killed. Such killings create more enemies for the United States and serve as a recruitment tool for ISIS, making us less secure. This has done infinite damage to the reputation and moral standing of our nation and has caused incredible misery in the families of those killed.

Burr and his intelligence committee are charged with oversight of the CIA. Instead of reining in or exposing the CIA’s lawlessness, the senator has reportedly encouraged it.

Joe Burton