Letters to the Editor

2/14 Letters: Calls for gun control questioned

Regarding “How Columbia, SC, became a national leader on gun control” (Feb. 8) in which reference is made to “the scourge of gun violence that is the worst in the developed world.” Despite such gloomy reports in the media, the U.S. has virtually the same mass shooting death rate per capita as the European Union (0.089 per million versus 0.083).

Also note that the violent crime rate per capita was cut in half in the 25 years following 1990, although the number of guns in the U.S. increased greatly. Finally, since almost all mass shootings have occurred in so-called “gun free zones,” why do we still have them?

Andrew S. Barclay


‘Remember to vote’

Regarding “Battleground keeps shifting under NC candidates” (Feb. 9): It is absolutely vital that the heavily gerrymandered North Carolina voting districts not remain in place for the upcoming November elections. The Republican party is using every delaying tactic possible to keep them in place.

When our citizens go to the polls to vote in November, they must know the system is not rigged, their vote counts and this can only happen when the voting districts are fair. Remember to vote.

Valorie Jones



After reading “Overheated Claims on Temperature Records” I was left wondering what their purpose might be for producing an opinion that criticizes the science of NOAA and NASA gathering and interpreting temperatures without any recommendations beyond their criticism.

I understand Dr. Ball has said that CO2 is not a greenhouse gas, which is an extreme minority opinion, so I assume they are implying that we just do nothing. Reading between the lines they must be suggesting we just “Drill Baby Drill,” open more coal plants, do more fracking and ignore the methane leaks, and so on?

This “head in the sand” approach is reminiscent of the way the tobacco industry tried to divert attention from the health effects of smoking. Since Dr. Ball has been funded by the Heartland Institute in the past, which was part of the resistance to health studies on tobacco, that should be no surprise.

William Delamar


Why Page?

Regarding Chad Day and Jonathon Lemire’s article “Trump: Democrats playing politics with their memo” (Feb. 11): The claim by Congressional Republicans that the Steele dossier was the main evidence the FBI used to obtain a FISA warrant to monitor Carter Page, a foreign policy advisor of Trump’s campaign, is false. False because Page was on the FBI’s radar years before the 2016 campaign and the Steele dossier.

According to “Why did FBI suspect Trump campaign adviser was a foreign agent?” (April 14), Page made numerous trips to Russia and former Soviet republics and numerous contacts with business oligarchs and government officials there. While none of this in itself is incriminating, it’s easy to see why Page was on U.S. intelligence radar.

Dennis Welch


‘Disregard’ for others

Such a sad story about Rev. Mark Creech “Conservative lobbyist Fears Amazon Too LGBT Friendly” (Feb. 12). Sad because he displays total disregard for the Bible and the Christ he purports to believe in.

Rev. Creech should remember two things: 1) Discrimination is neither Christian nor American; and 2) Jesus considered no one as “other” or “less than” and held no one at arms’ length as he does.

Jack Finley


Whalers legacy

Regarding “Hey Hartford: Thanks, but no thanks. Please stop” (Feb. 11): The author notes that the Hurricanes are unlikely to ever return to Hartford for a meaningful game, and that is likely true.

However, if the Hurricanes do not ever play in Hartford, they should abandon the idea from Tom Dundon (the Hurricanes’ majority owner) and never wear the Whalers jerseys during a game. Just like when the Hurricanes discarded the Whalers’ retired numbers except Gordie Howe’s, they are just picking and choosing the parts of the Whalers legacy that sell.

The prior Hurricanes ownership did all it could to kill off the remaining brand value of the Hartford Whalers, but it only grew stronger. Now it’s time to choose between making peace with Hartford and its fans, or leaving the Whalers legacy to those in Connecticut who built it and concentrating on promoting the Carolina Hurricanes.

Matthew Olsen

Glastonbury, CT