Letters to the Editor

2/27 Letters: NC must return to fair elections

After reading Ned Barnett’s column “In NC, Russians won’t find much democracy left to disrupt” (Feb. 25) I couldn’t help but add to the quote attributed to Provost Michael Bitzer. Not only was he entirely on point about our citizenry not understanding and realizing what voting districts each of us are in but we are not just probably confused, but totally confused. And all of the ongoing legal battles is doing nothing to encourage me or any other voting citizen.

I will now go on record as an independent voter in Wake County to say that I will not cast my ballot for any candidate for state senator or representative who does not support a balanced legislature in which there is some semblance of common sense. If we do not return to allowing citizens the right to fairly elect our legislators, I agree with Barnett that “there’s not much democracy left to disrupt here.”

Richard V. Burton


‘A profound insult’

Regarding “Trump says he’s eyeing Veterans’ Day for military parade” (Feb. 24): Trump has directed the Pentagon to schedule a military parade for Veterans’ Day. I’ve not read a shred of opposition from Senators Richard Burr and Thom Tillis. I’ve not heard their empathy for my fellow veterans. We are more than toy soldiers. To use us as such is a profound insult.

Veterans’ Day is a time to reflect on those whose blood was spilled in defense of our principles and their brethren. I remember my father, a 32 year USMC veteran of WWII, Korea and two tours of Vietnam. I remember Richard Keegan, a Marine private and childhood friend who was killed in Vietnam. I remember the wounded Marines at the hospital I visited with dad as a Midshipman. None of these men can march. We remember them in solitude, reflecting on what they gave and upon our duty to employ our military responsibly.

We’ve endured the tragedy of Vietnam. Now we face a narcissist who would use the uniform for his ego. He refused to follow these patriots to Vietnam because of a fabricated story about bone spurs. This sickens me. It triggers my grief. And our senators’ silent complicity disgusts me.

CDR Jim Canter, USNR-R


Fiscal responsibility?

Regarding “Pentagon gets biggest budget military has ever seen” (Feb. 11): At the end of the 20th century, the Soviet Union collapsed mainly due to the their unsustainably high military spending. They tried to outspend the United States, which at the time had the biggest economy.

Now we are following a similar path: We are outspending the rest of the world although our economic output compared to the global economy has declined. We are attempting to finance our outsize military budget through deficit spending. What happened to change the long-standing goal of fiscal responsibility of the Republican Party? Our nation is not at war and the economy is doing well. The tax cut was a very bad idea.

The rich are rich enough. We must change the makeup of Congress during this fall’s elections.

Kurt Becker


Teacher training?

A student or students overpower a teacher and take away the gun. A teacher shoots a student who is attempting to take away the gun. A teacher gets distracted by his or her real job, teaching, and loses track of the gun. I’m sure that there are more likely and equally devastating scenarios.

In my career as an airline pilot, and after 9/11 a federal flight deck officer, I was always worried that I would be distracted pulling up my paperwork and walk away leaving my weapon. Imagine the distractions that teachers face every day. My jurisdiction was the cockpit. A teacher has not only the classroom, but anywhere on the campus.

My selection was based on a psych review and background checks. My training was range, classroom, self defense and training scenarios with actors and blanks. What training would the teachers get? My authorization to carry was based on regular range and classroom reviews. What is planned for the teachers? My weapon and ammunition was provided by the government. Will the teachers have to buy their own guns?

The Second Amendment can survive without semi-automatic assault rifles. I’m sure that there’s a solution besides more guns. Australia?

Douglas Williams