Letters to the Editor

3/24 Letters: Democrat or Republican, people just want what’s best for the U.S.

Ah, how lovely to read “My mom’s a liberal, but don’t say she hates America” (Mar. 22) by Marc A. Thiessen – a bona fide “rock-ribbed conservative.” I actually made it through the whole article and found myself agreeing with everything he said.

I consider myself a liberal but totally agree with Thiessen when he said “Our fellow Americans who disagree with us are not our enemies. Progressives are not evil. Conservatives are not racist.” Amen. We can all have different views but still be on the same page when it comes to the welfare of our country.

With our country so divided on so many issues I am now cautiously optimistic that perhaps we can all come together and make this world a better place. I’m reminded of my favorite blessing from my home church: “Life is short, and we do not have much time to gladden the hearts of those who journey the way with us. So, be swift to love, and make haste to be kind.” Our children will thank us.

Sally Wenda


Agree on safety

Regarding “NC Democrats propose gun laws without GOP backers” (Mar. 20): It is really a shame that our legislators cannot come to an agreement on such an important matter. One way we can all have an effect on gun safety is to attend the March for Our Lives which will begin at 10:00 a.m. at the Duke Performing Arts Center on Saturday, March 24th.

We must make our voices heard to show our legislators that now is the time to change gun laws. Our children are counting on us to do the right thing.

Marvin Woll


ACA helps women

The March 23rd birthday of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) gave us another thing to celebrate this Women’s History Month. Not only has it expanded coverage to over 20 million people, but it has reduced the number of uninsured women by almost half.

As a woman who has diabetes, I know how critical health care coverage is. I lost my job and my health insurance in 2009, and my inability to get medication for my condition while without insurance was life-threatening. Thankfully, the ACA got me insured again. It also ended gender discrimination in health coverage and stopped insurers from treating gender as a pre-existing condition that allowed them to charge us more, drop services, deny care and cap coverage.

We have stopped repeal, but ongoing Republican attempts to sabotage the law threaten the progress women have made under the ACA. This sabotage has driven up premiums, denied women access to preventive care like no-cost birth control, and put us at risk once again for being charged more for pre-existing conditions like c-sections, cancer, or depression. The GOP must clean up the mess they’ve made with legislation to stabilize marketplaces and lower premiums. Women voters care about health care.

Jean Busby


Common sense?

Regarding “NC Democrats propose gun laws without GOP backers” (Mar. 20): Democrats love to talk about “common sense gun control,” But are the laws they sponsor really “common sense?” Democrats created “gun free zones” to “protect” our schools. Did that protect our children or did it ensure any deranged or evil person would select schools for mass murder since the victims would all be helpless?

Evil people attacked our schools, just as anybody with “common sense” would have predicted. Heroic teachers and staff sacrificed their own lives in an effort to protect our children. But those heroes were unarmed, thanks to Democrats.

Common sense tells us that had those teachers and staff members been armed the results of an attack would be quite different. The proof is all around us when thousands of intended victims of crimes use firearms to resist and stop attacks. Today, a good man with a gun stopped what might have been another school massacre, yet the Democrats, continue to seek to create even more helpless victims by depriving people of their God-given right to protect life.

John E. Lane