Letters to the Editor

4/8 Letters: On Equal Pay Day, remember gender wage gap

April 10 is Equal Pay Day. That date symbolizes how far into 2018 American women must work to get paid as much money as men did in 2017. According to newly-released data from the U.S. Census Bureau, women make 80 cents compared to every dollar men make.

But wait. Black women must work until August 7 to catch up with men. Latina women won’t get there until November 1. Shockingly, the American Association of University Women concludes that at the current rate of progress in closing the gap, women won’t get pay equity until the year 2119 – a whole century. Since many families depend on two incomes, paying women less hurts men and children too.

Women deserve equal pay. To ensure equal pay, women need constitutional protection. The Equal Rights Amendment would provide that. Ratification of the ERA will be considered soon in the Illinois Legislature. It will come up in North Carolina again in 2019. It’s way past time for state lawmakers to do the right thing – for women, for men, for families. It’s a matter of fairness, justice, and common decency.

Roberta Madden

Co-president, ERA-NC Alliance

In agreement

It was a pleasure to read Michael Jacobs’ column “I’m a Republican who doesn’t watch Fox News” because I agree with his thoughts. I’d love to expound on all of the points but it would require much more space than I am allowed, so I’ll select two.

Trump is obsessed with the Russian investigation because he realizes that nothing did happen and it is merely being used by the media and Democrats to destroy him while indoctrinating the nation prior to the midterm elections. And not all educated people support socialism, but many educators are socialists because the government provides their income and the money for their subjects, college students. The U.S. is great because all people can excel in a capitalist society. Obviously, not everyone chooses to do so.

James Bullock

Wake Forest

Guns ‘Pro-life issue’

I am a U.S. citizen and lifelong resident of North Carolina. I am a mother of two beautiful children, and a school volunteer who reads to children in our public schools. My husband and I are members of our beloved church and love sharing our faith and try to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ every day.

I urge Senators Tillis and Burr to hear us. We need them to work on behalf of the children and families of North Carolina and protect us. They must protect us from assault weapons. They must push for greater controls to prohibit criminals from purchasing assault weapons. They must ban high-capacity magazines. And they must support funding for more school resource officers. They should support enhancements for guidance counselors and local mental health agencies to work with schools and troubled youth to make sure our system is able to prevent violence and mass shootings.

This is not a Second Amendment issue. I enjoy hunting and hope that responsible people can maintain the right to bear arms. But this is another issue altogether. This is a pro-life issue.

Cameron Graham


Don’t trap coyotes

Regarding “ PETA wants an NC town to ‘evict’ coyotes rather than trap and kill them” (March 30): It’s telling that the best justification that Nags Head officials can give for trapping and killing coyotes is that there’s “nothing illegal” about it. There’s also nothing humane about it.

Conflicts with coyotes, who are generally fearful of humans and not aggressive, can and should be solved compassionately. The first tip is to use common sense. Cars pose a much greater danger to animal companions than coyotes do, so it’s always a good idea to keep your animals safely indoors or outside only under careful supervision, whether or not coyotes have been spotted in your neighborhood. Don’t feed animals outdoors or leave their water bowls out, as this attracts rodents, and rodents attract coyotes. Keep trash well secured and bushes and other vegetation trimmed. Motion sensor lights or sprinklers, or outdoor radios, will deter both coyotes and their prey.

Too many people are all too eager to wipe out animals whose only crime is struggling to survive. Let’s stop declaring war on our animal neighbors and instead learn to live in peace with them.

Christina Matthies