Letters to the Editor

An ‘affirmative action’ program for conservative professors is exactly what universities need

Regarding “Are UNC and other universities too liberal? Readers debate” (May 6): There is no debate. One letter writer questions whether you can equate Democrats with liberalism. Seriously. Show me a Democrat who is not a liberal. Show me a liberal college professor who is not filling his students’ heads with liberal claptrap.

Another writer maintains that empirical studies show that people who really have an interest in advanced education are more liberal. I suspect the studies exist only in his imagination.

A third letter writer questions whether we should have an affirmative action program for Republican scholars. This is exactly what is necessary. Not another Democrat professor should be hired until a 50 /50 balance is reached with Republicans. We have affirmative action programs for other minorities. Why not Republicans?

Vincent M. DiSandro Sr.


Preserve, don’t destroy

Regarding the letter to the editor “ Remove Silent Sam” (May 8): The proper location for any memorial will vary with its nature and the time of its creation. Time will inevitably affect our attitude toward what can only speak to the moment of its creation; history does not stand still and attitudes change.

I’m comfortable with a relocation of Sam, and a Civil War battlefield is not inappropriate. I was surprised at the writer’s seeming indifference to the destruction of statues of hated symbols. While their loss reflected emotions freed by liberation, the reality of that time is inevitably diminished as memories fade. Better to preserve than destroy and accept that today’s hero may be tomorrow’s villain.

As history teaches us, the one constant in the universe is change.

George S. Baroff, Ph.D.

Chapel Hill

‘Make amends’

Regarding “ Dentists apologize for ‘free whitening’ ad that poses white dentists in cultural garb” (May 10): How is it possible that in 2018 three dentists in one of NC’s largest urban areas didn’t see this ad as blatant cultural appropriation? Why was it deemed permissible to layer the words ‘free whitening system’ over an already offensive ad? What audience did they think would find this endearing?

While I appreciate an attempt at an apology by the dentists and the publisher of Midtown Magazine, what I am more interested in is what they are going to do to ‘work together to make amends for this ad.’ This small faux pas is a glaring example of a much longer lineage of racism, oppression and exploitation of communities of color in our state and our nation.

Yes, it is time to make amends. But not just by expressing regret. Perhaps those implicated should consider taking a portion of their profits and investing in the communities that they exploited. That would be only the beginning of a much longer path towards reconciliation.

Zulayka Santiago


Iran ‘misjudgement’

Regarding “ Rouhani: Iran will negotiate with others on deal” (May 8): The president has thrown down the gauntlet by reneging on the nuclear deal – not against Iran, but rather our closest allies. He withdraws from an agreement that works, one that can be built on with allied support, for nothing but additional uncertainty for businesses and ordinary Iranians and further disrupt the Middle East.

His decision brings conflict that much closer between Israel and Iran. It leaves a power vacuum that Russia and China are only too willing to fill, as they have each already demonstrated. India and Iran have recently agreed on a range of commercial, technology, science and exchange deals.

U.S. sanctions will not stop these relations from developing, and may in fact propel them. Alternative banking mechanisms will be created, ultimately depriving U.S. banks from growing markets. Worst of all, walking away from the deal provides more reason to doubt U.S. reliability and erodes whatever moral authority we retain in the world.

North Carolina Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis and Rep. David Price should speak out against this grave misjudgment and seek to reverse it. They should call for hearings to explore the dangerous consequences of this action.

Nancy Milio

Chapel Hill